Is Heaven Real?

What if Heaven is an actual place that we could go to now but we don’t have the technology to take us there just yet? There really are endless possibilities, and I think what is the most important standpoint to take is that it really will always be impossible to know what will happen when we die and what the truth actually is because no one technically knows the truth so we have to be considerate of all opinions and know that no one is technically the right one.

There are signs though, we should not ignore the signs, and a lot of these signs are conspiracies about aliens in Peru or some other weird Mel Gibson type of signs, but they are actually found within the laws of physics and some incredible phenomenon that keeps everything together in this strange frequency of light and sound that ultimately is what our dimension is created upon.

Of course we also have to consider in terms of spirituality the realms in which humans are not aware of, because we do live on such a small spectrum of light and sound we must know that there are so much more out there that we can not hear or see, and these frequencies are technically a part of an alternative dimension that we otherwise are not a part of. A lot of interesting celebrities talk about this type of thing like Russell Brand who has been a huge advocate towards spirituality and the new age thinking of what God actually is, and according to Brand God is that innate energy or life force that lives within each and every one of us, including each and every living thing on the planet that just so happens to have conscious ability, or that with which we give conscious ability by focusing on it through our own conscious ability. It’s definitely complicated to say the least, but at the same time it is fundamentally simple, because everyone and everything is pretty much alive and because we are alive together we share some characteristics or some common life force, consciousness, and it is that ability to consciously perceive that gives us our own realities and allows us to create our own realities this is also something that we all share and it can be known as the universal source.

Spirituality is definitely something that you have to get in touch with yourself about first and foremost. Of course you can spend you whole life looking out in the external world for the answers to everything in the universe, but you’re more than likely going to fail if you don’t take the time to just look within yourself to find out that the entire universe is right their inside of your mind and your eyes. You can see it, it’s blatant, but you have to recognize that the inner source is in all of us, including yourself, and when you do come to this realization you can start to better understand spirituality and the facts that we are all out here as one unit, and that one unit can be referred to as God.
So the next time you are out in the world and you see an animal understand that the fact that the animal has a life force within its own mind that makes it one of all of us, and that we are all in this world together as a part of God’s conscious image.

Written by: Maui Rug

Spirit Guides

The Great Spirit Guides in Shamanism

Shamanism is not a religion. Instead it is a spiritual path that is used by some people. Many tribal people in the past and today practice this form of belief. This religion is practiced in service of a community. Native American Indians practice shamanism. Australian Bushmen, Siberian tribes, Central American groups and various people throughout Asia engage in this spiritual practice.

Shamanism puts the emphasis on animal spirit guides to help direct the paths of people as they journey through life. These beings are called animal totems and there are power animals as well. Each spirit guide has a different ability or purpose to teach a person. The spirit guides in Shamanism chooses the individual. People who believe in this form of spiritual activity will usually be connected to an animal that they have been drawn to all of their life. Some shaman leaders will help people to discover what type of animal is their guide. Spiritual guides are a key feature of Shamanism and people who practice this particular spiritual discipline can access them by beating a deep drum and this drumming changes the brain waves within a person making them more open to the spirit guides. Some people even use hallucinatory narcotics to help them get in touch with their totems.

Keep in mind that a person can have a different totem for each part of their lives. They can have a spirit guide for relationships, one for business and another for social reasons. Shamanism is a spiritual practice that relies heavily on spirit guides.

Psychics and Mediums on Spirit Guides

Psychics and mediums have a different take on spirit guides. They not only look at these unusual beings as protectors and guardians; they also believe that they can be possessed by them. Remember that spiritual beings are constantly looking for a living being to attach themselves to and people who align with them can be their host.

Psychics and mediums also believe that spirit guides allow people to tap into a sixth sense. This sixth sense is an extraordinary perception of the universe that goes outside of a person’s normal senses. This is another spiritual practice that believes that people can have multiple guides helping them along the way.

Psychics and mediums use questionable practices to contact spirit guides. These practices include occult related activity such as automatic writing, summoning the dead or spirits from another realm and even praying to the spiritual realm for guidance. Some people have professed to contacting evil spirits when they engage in this type of behavior simply because they do not know what they are coming into contact with when they try to contact a spiritual guide in this manner. Wicca or paganism practitioners also practice the same type behaviors to contact a spirit guide.

Whether or not spiritual guides are real or fake is for an individual to decide. People who are not familiar with the spiritual side of existence should not go searching for any spiritual assistance since this could place them in great harm. Spirit guides might not be for everyone but there are some people who believe in them. The bottom line is that some people rely on these beings during the course of their lives and call upon their help for assistance.


A Closer Look

Another part of the Christian faith is the work of the Holy Spirit. He is part of God and his work is to point people to Christ while at the same time helping them to live the Christian life. Some people might consider the Holy Spirit to be a spirit guide but this is not necessarily the case. Yes, the Holy Spirit guides people in living right according to God and obeying his will but that does not mean that he is just some spiritual deity that is supposed to help people do anything and everything they desire or need. His goal is just to get people in line with God by directing them to Jesus.

The Christian religion has angels, arch angels and demons. Christian scriptures state that people have an angel assigned to them at birth. They also state that there is a demon assigned to them as well. Scriptures also verify the fact that spiritual beings are in conflict with one another on a grand scale while they influence mankind. Many other religions and independent spiritual beliefs have the same ideology as the Bible. The difference being is that Christianity places the ultimate guidance onto God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and not angels or demons. For many other religions or spiritual belief systems the spirit guides are the focus of the individual. Christianity is not compatible with the notion of a spirit guide. This is one reason as to why many people who believe in these other worldly beings do not follow this religion.

A Closer Look at Spiritual Beings and Eastern Religions

Many eastern religions are strongly connected to the spiritual realm. Religions such as Shintoism and Buddhism do promote the idea of a spiritual guide. In Buddhism people often meditate to come into contact with spirits. Gurus can also be seen as guides and people are often required to clear their minds and focus on communicating with these spirits.

Some people claim that they have come into contact with both good and evil spirits when they perform this activity. Many Buddhist tell followers to avoid the evil spirits and try to keep in touch with the good ones. This is not always an easy thing to do because evil spirits can willfully communicate with a person to carry out their agenda. Once a person finds a spirit guide they can then begin to communicate with them on a regular basis.

Shintoism is an eastern religion that promotes the worship of ancestors. This religious system has a group of beings known as kami. They are elements of nature, animals and the physical world. Shintoists worship the kami and rely on them for knowledge and guidance. Shintoism is very compatible with the idea of having a spiritual guide since this belief system includes this type of practice.

Kami have the energy of the universe and they are usually good and evil like regular people. They can influence people to do good or evil things since this is their nature. People often have to appease the kami spiritual guides to keep their violent or evil sides in check. They can inhabit certain objects in the physical world or people. They are everywhere and they never stay in one place for too long. Kami also perform different functions for people. Kami supposedly make good spiritual helpers for people who believe in them.

Spirit Guide

What does a Spirit Guide Do?

A person’s spiritual guide supposedly does a lot of things for the people they represent. Many people who acknowledge their spirit guides claim that these beings provide them with secret insight into matters. They also state these other worldly people help them to resolve issues, discover details about the future and warn them of dangerous situations.

Some religions belief that spiritual guides help people in time of trouble and that they help individuals when they need guidance about relationships, careers and dealing with issues in life. Some spirit guides are supposed to help people to understand future events while other spirit guides help people to make sense of the past. There are some people who claim that their spirit guide help them to discover secretive information that has given them the edge in finances and relationships. Ultimately, spirit guides make life better for people everywhere.

While most spiritual guides are thought to be good beings; there are some evil spiritual guides. These creatures are supposedly evil. They give people wicked ideas and help them to carry them out. They also are supposedly responsible for bringing evil into a person’s life and for helping individuals to do wicked things to other people. These spiritual beings should be avoided but some people who have a wicked disposition might actually embrace them.

How are Spirit Guides Assigned to People

Depending on the religion that a person believes, a spiritual guide is typically assigned to a person at birth. Some religions or spiritual practitioners believe that spiritual beings appear show up to help people when they are grown. There are other people who believe that spiritual guides must be summoned or called upon when their assistance is needed.

More than one spiritual guide can be assigned to people at the same time. Some people can even have a good and evil spiritual guide in their life at the same time. In ancient religions people often prayed to deities in order to summon spirit guides. They also relied on there guides to help and assist them in their time of need.

Spirit Guides and Christianity

Christianity is the largest religion in the world. This religion has more followers than any other belief system in history. The Christian belief system is founded on Jesus Christ and it is the biggest religion in the west. While Christianity is declining in the west it still continues to sway the masses.

Christianity does not necessarily endorse the idea of a spirit guide. Instead the religion promotes Jesus Christ to believers and unbelievers alike. He is at the center of the Christian religion. Some people wrongly identify Jesus Christ as a spirit guide. His role is that of a savior. However, many people do not see him in this role. Instead, they are more comfortable with the idea of Jesus being a spiritual guide that will help them out in life whenever they need a hand.

There Are Many Religions

There are many religions which promote the idea that a spiritual being is available to all people as a guide. Whether these individuals recognize these mn dimensional beings is irrelevant. They exist in another realm and they can influence the thought patterns and decisions of people on Earth. These beings can either be good or evil and they can help people to gain valuable insight into spiritual and religious matters.

In modern times many western people are moving away from traditional religious worship and practices. They are accepting a more spiritual based belief system where they acknowledge a dimension after life. However, they view this dimensional plane as another form of reality that is not connected to a heaven, hell or paradise. Eastern religions are also becoming more secularized. They too are moving away from traditional forms of religions that are common in those areas. The thought of a spirit guide is easily accepted in those parts of the world because it conforms with many of their standard beliefs. The following information will describe spirit guides and why they are important to people who believe in them.

What is a Spirit Guide

Spirit guides are spiritual advisers for individual people. These guides are commonly found in religions such as Christianity, Native American belief systsems (Shamanism), Buddhism, Taoism and Shintoism. Mediums, psychics, Wiccans and spiritual churches also acknowledge these beings. These creatures can be good or evil.

Some spiritual guides are known as ancestral guides that have passed away. Other guides could be teachers that appear in the form of a warrior or teacher. Theses beings can even appear in animal form to provide wisdom and insight. Some people even believe that their spirit guides appear in the form of ocentaurs, mermaid or minataurs. Light beings and even angels can be considered spiritual guides. Ancient gods and goddesses can be classified as guides for a person spirit and certain plants can be placed into this category as well.

Do not forget that spirit guides do not have a body and are known as incarnate spirits. They operate through a person’s thought patterns and by communicating with their soul and spirit. Spiritual guides try to inform people about the world around them from a spiritual perspective.

The Theosophical Connection

Keep in mind that just because all people have a spiritual guide this does not mean that they know about them. Since this the case only a small number of people have special knowledge about these spiritual advisers. These people are known as esoteric followers. Esoterism is a term that simply means hidden knowledge and many people who are aware of spiritual guides are supposed to have special insight into these beings.

Spirit guides fall under the umbrella of theosophical thought. When people search out spiritual guides and try to acquire knowledge about these secretive or unknown beings they are engaging in theosophical philosophical practices. Theosophical thought is primarily geared toward learning the mysteries of divinity and nature. Spiritual guides fall primarily under the umbrella of divinity.